Private sessions are a terrific way to bring a focused yoga practice and unique physical experience into your child's life. our sessions tailor Yogi Beans' programs to the instruction needs and preferences of the participant(s). sessions are held in the comfort of your home, in other custom setting, or at our partner studios.

Sessions can be scheduled at any location in New York City and around the tri-state area - including any indoor or outdoor space available near you. We are also grateful for our partner studios, which affords children the opportunity to practice within beautiful yoga studio settings.

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1 Kid

1 Session: $165
5 Sessions: $775 ($155/Class)
10 Sessions: $1,450 ($145/Class)
20 Sessions: $2,700 ($135/Class)

2 Kids

1 Session: $195
5 Sessions: $900 ($180/Class)
10 Sessions: $1,700 ($170/Class)
20 Sessions: $3,100 ($155/Class)

3 Kids / Small Groups

1 Session: $215
5 Sessions: $1,025 ($205/Class)
10 Sessions: $1,900 ($190/Class)
20 Sessions: $3,700($185/Class)

*After 3 kids, $20 for each additional kid


All private session packages expire after 12 months



Sessions are also offered at Pure Yoga East and Pure Yoga West if you prefer to have your child's private sessions outside your home. Scheduling is based on studio availability. Click HERE for rates.

My daughter is enrolled in private sessions. Today we were sitting outside and all of a sudden she stands up with her hands to her heart and starts to peacefully but proudly sing “namaste-namaste” ... tears came to my eyes. Thank you for helping her to start her practice and making her feel so welcome.
— Amy, Parent, New York City
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