Do I have to be 200- or 300-hour adult yoga certified to take your training?

No!  Absolutely no adult yoga teaching experience is required to take a Yogi Beans Training.  We recommend having basic knowledge of yoga Asanas (poses). However,  all that we require of trainees is that they have a passion for yoga and desire to work with children.

Do I need to have any other particular experience to take your training?

No! Our trainings are filled with people of diverse backgrounds and disciplines including – but not limited to – teachers, yoga teachers, pediatric PTs & OTs, speech therapists, financial analysts, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, babysitters, musicians, parents, principals & school administrators, college students, business owners, dancers and actors! This melting pot of experience allows for trainees to learn and gain support from a unique group of people brought together by their interest in kids and yoga.

Can I participate in your training if I have an injury or condition?

Yes.  We can modify your training experience based upon any existing injury or condition (including pregnancy!).   However, we recommend that your get your doctor or health professional’s approval prior to starting any physical activity

Is Yogi Beans’ training recognized by the Yoga Alliance?

Yes.  According to the Yoga Alliance standard, 95 hours of children’s yoga training is required to be complete in order for the YB to recognize you as a children’s yoga teacher.   Since 95 hours is an enormous time and financial commitment for the majority of teachers and professionals with Full Time jobs, you will notice many popular kids’ yoga teacher trainings run between 20-30 hours. This is because once you have the basic tools to know how to teach a children’s yoga class, the real learning happens in the classroom, in front of the kids, on your mat.   You will receive a certificate from Yogi Beans stating that you completed our training.  If you are already registered as an adult yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, you may count these hours towards Continuing Education credits.

Will Yogi Beans hire me after the training?

We love hiring people who have taken our training.  However, we cannot guarantee employment immediately following your training as it depends on a number of factors.  (Eg: Are we currently full staffed.  Does your availability meet our needs etc…)  The purpose of our training is to give you the tools to go out and bring kids yoga to your community.  That being said,  the first place we look when we are in need of hiring new Instructors to join the Bean Team is at past trainees.  Yogi Beans’ trainings are a great way for us to get to know you and vice versa!


Where can I use this training?

Anywhere and everywhere!  Past trainees have gone on to teach at yoga studios, schools, camps, parks, recreational centers, gyms, children’s businesses, birthday parties, privately, pediatrician’s offices, at home and some have even started their own kids’ yoga businesses.  To help you figure out what is the right place for you, Yogi Beans’ training includes a Business of Kids Yoga portion during which we provide tips on how to utilize what you’ve learned and create a name for yourself in the kids yoga industry.  The opportunities for you to share kids yoga are endless!

Can I immediately teach kids’ yoga anywhere after taking this training?

Yes!  You will walk out of Yogi Beans’ Basic Kids Yoga Training with a sequence (that you created) in your hand that you can teach the very next day.   We recommend that you consider best business practices before you start teaching, such as insurance, liability, taxes, workers compensation, and other potential expenses. These requirements should be supplemental as your Yogi Beans certification is valid without expiration.

Can I watch a Yogi Beans class?

If you are interested in observing a class after you complete your training we will do our best to accommodate you based on our current class schedule and which venues allow visitors.

Will I bark like a dog and moo like a cow?

We sure hope so!  Your teacher training experience is completely up to you – you can participate as much or as little as you want.  Our approach, though, is that kids yoga is a great way to let your inner bean shine.  The more enthusiastic you are, the more engaged and excited your students will be.  And, trust us, they will ALL want to bark like dogs in adho mukha svanasana (down dog).

What makes Yogi Beans Teacher Trainings different than other kids’ yoga trainings?

All kids yoga teacher trainings are wonderful opportunities for you to learn how to become a children’s yoga teacher and they all have slightly different emphases.   Most of them contain loads of great information about yoga poses, games, breathing exercises, and mediations that are fun, engaging and creative.  At Yogi Beans we set aside significant time to “putting it all together” though building sequences, practice teaching and providing feedback from our expert trainers.  We want to make sure that we’ve taught you how to take all the information and synthesize it into a cohesive class lesson.  We are here to guide you in finding your authentic kids yoga voice.  Our goal is to have you leave the training feeling confident and prepared to teach the very next day (we’ve quite literally had some trainees do just that!)