Teacher Trainings

25-Hour Training Overview

Our 25-Hour Yogi Beans Teacher Training is the product of years of kids' yoga and mindfulness program development in studios, schools and homes, intensive study of childhood behavior, incorporation of parent and educator feedback, and continuous experimentation. Our goal has always been to facilitate the most efficient transfer of knowledge of our proven methods of teaching, guiding, and enlightening kids on how to regulate their physical bodies and manage their mental faculties in an effort to foster happier and healthier people.

We are proud of our foundational trainings programs and we are grateful to inspire other likeminded people - yoga practitioners, educators, professional counselors, parents, and many other people - that seek to materially expand their skills for personal development and creative business application and truly make a difference in the life of children and within communities.

Course Insights

Training in the Philippines

Our 25-Hour Teacher Training is a comprehensive course, physically intensive, and a fun three-day travel into the world of kids' yoga. The training, which is designed to enable the instruction of yoga to kids from ages two through age 10, is filled with interactive concepts, laughter, music, dancing, and instructional "play," both on and off of the yoga mat, all designed to translate the practice of yoga into language children of any age and background understand and enjoy. Led by our expert trainers, trainings dedicate significant time to sequencing classes, incorporating age-appropriate themes, practice teaching, and providing targeted feedback for each trainee. The Training includes an inversion workshop to allow each trainee to go upside down in a variety of poses so that they feel comfortable teaching inversions to kids (kids love being upside down!). It also includes an extensive restorative practice to teach the trainees different set-ups to use when working with kids in a more therapeutic or restorative setting.

Our courses are designed for practical, real-world application in homes, yoga studios, classrooms and many other areas of your life. You will gain immediate tangible knowledge and copious amounts of fabulous ideas to create original, captivating and fun yoga experiences for kids of all ages, anywhere in the world!


What Will I Receive?

As part of your investment in this course, you will receive:

  • Yogi Beans Teacher Training Manual. The official Yogi Beans Teacher Training Manual in both hard copy and as an interactive PDF consisting of over 120 color pages with over 250 kids yoga asanas (poses), and hundreds of yoga, pranayama (breathing), mindfulness and meditation games and activities.
  • Practice Teaching & Live Feedback. Our trainings are inherently communal and highly interactive sessions undergirded by yoga and a love for children. Targeted feedback and individual guidance is regularly offered to promote growth and learning, build observational capacity and ensure quality of teaching results. We encourage all participants to ask questions, which oftentimes lead to the most conducive conditions for learning our novel approach to teaching kids yoga.
  • Alliances. Yogi Beans is a part of the Children's Yoga Teacher Training Collaborative (CYTTC) - a Yoga Alliance approved, 95-hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training School. If you are already registered as an adult yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, you may count these training hours towards Continuing Education credits. You will also receive a certificate from Yogi Beans stating that you completed our training.
  • Valuable Experience Designed to Inspire. Yogi Beans is all about the bringing the vibration of yoga to new people in new places. We understand taking our training is an investment of your time and money. Our goal is for you to take your new found knowlge an synetheize it into an inspiring career that makes you and fulfills your spirit and soul.