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Many children have been exposed to music, soccer, ballet and art. As with these standard programs, children's yoga classes offer fun and learning in a safe environment. However, they incorporate the additional benefit of focusing on the body-mind-heart connection, which is typically absent from other children's activities. The body-mind-heart virtues of yoga practice can provide substantial benefits to a child's development and thereby play a meaningful role in shaping his or her life.


Yoga In School

Our school and camp programs have been offered in over 60 private and public educational institutions throughout New York City, Westchester, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. In addition to standard class settings, Yogi Beans has provided its programs in home schools, preschools, nurseries, special needs schools and camps. Ranging from two year olds to teenagers, we have developed children's yoga curricula designed for specific age groups. As a result, Yogi Beans is able to teach yoga classes to any grade in any school or camp and can accommodate each and every student.


Our school and camp classes incorporate age-appropriate poses, games, props, music and breathing exercises to energize and challenge children's bodies and minds. As with Yogi Beans' public classes, our school and camp classes end with a final relaxation period, allowing children to calm down before returning to class.

Our three standard children's yoga school programs are:

  • After-School: At the end of the school day, a professionally-trained Yogi Beans Instructor arrives and teaches a weekly or daily after-school children's yoga class.
  • During the School Day: During the school day, a professionally-trained Yogi Beans Instructor teaches a children's yoga class on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, at the school's option. The Instructor uses the Yogi Beans curriculum appropriate for the relevant age group. Classes may be held as a separate period or incorporated as part of the physical education curriculum, arts program, lunch clubs or recess.
  • In the Classroom: In this exciting program, a professionally-trained Yogi Beans Instructor comes into the classrooms as part of a grade's curriculum and leads 15 to 30 minute "yoga breaks" for each class. This program is easy to administer since there is no mat set-up or desk organization required, and the Instructor rotates from class to class while children remain in their classrooms.

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