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  • (January 2, 2018 - March 19, 2018)
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Kids Yoga Classes
Me & My Bean Yoga1-3 Years11:00-11:45am

Me & My Bean Yoga

This Yogi Beans class will introduce the most basic yoga postures to children in a fun, playful way. Musical instruments, developmental props and catchy songs will enhance your bean's yoga experience. Through repetition and consistent class structure, your little bean's yoga practice will begin to bud. Parent or caregiver participation is required. 45 minutes.

Mini-Bean Yoga3-6 Years4:15-5:00pm

Mini-Bean Yoga

Mini-Bean Yoga classes are extremely imaginative and creatively introduce all age-appropriate poses and activities. Classes incorporate easily understood explanations of breathing techniques, yoga poses and focus and concentration exercises all while maintaining a fun and playful environment. Classes end with time for mini-beans to lie down, relax and receive a calming foot rub (their favorite part of class!). 45 minutes.

Bean Yoga6-9 Years4:00-5:00pm

Bean Yoga

Bean Yoga classes give your child the opportunity to learn challenging and creative yoga poses, while maintaining a playful, fun class experience. Through games, props and songs classes encourage kids to build self-confidence, physical strength and concentration. Partner poses, forwards bends, backbends, standing poses, twists, and basic inversions are explored with a light introduction to alignment. Children are encouraged to freely express their individuality while learning some basic yoga principles and having a blast. Svasana and foot rubs included! 55 minutes.

Tween Yoga9-13 Years4:00-5:00pm

Tween Yoga

Yogi Beans' unique Tween curriculum uses yoga to help bridge the gap between child and teenager. Classes introduce more complicated poses that require a greater attention to full-body coordination - such as arm balances, hip openers, inversions and restorative yoga. Through discussion, mindful games and breathing and meditation techniques, deeper explanations of yoga concepts are explored in a supportive, fun atmosphere. No prior yoga experience required. 60 minutes.