What IS kids yoga?

Answer: Kids yoga is its own unique, healthy activity for the mind and body! Kids yoga can be loud, playful, silly and active. It is most certainly not a kiddie version of adult yoga. Our classes include kid-friendly asasanas (poses), breath work, games, mindfulness techniques and even savasana (foot rubs included!).

What age is the right age to start my child's practice?

Answer: Any age! Yogi Beans' classes are grouped based on where kids are at on a developmental level so it's never too early to start. Each week has its own age-appropriate lesson plan. Yogi Beans has taken all of the things we know - or don't know! - about adult yoga and put it into a language that kids understand and to which they can relate both on and off the mat. You'd be surprised how many times we hear that beans of all ages go home and practice songs and movements they learnt in class ... even if they spent most of class time just sitting and listening. That's yoga, too!

Do I need to bring anything?

Answer: Nope! We provide all of the yoga props necessary for class including mats, blankets and bolsters. We do suggest New Mommies bring a receiving blanket and toy that is familiar for their bean.

What should my bean wear to yoga?

Answer: There is no specific outfit or uniform for yoga. Your bean can simply wear something comfortable that won't interfere with his/her movements in class.

If I miss a class or don't use up my class card, do they carry over to the next season?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Each season has a hard expiration date.

Does Yogi Beans offer refunds?

Answer: If for some reason your child does not take to the class, you have until before the second class to withdraw and receive a full prorated refund, minus a $35 processing fee. After the third class there will be no refunds.

What is the difference between buying a class card and a class series?

Answer: A series reserves your bean's space in the same class each week. A class card allows your bean to take a certain number of classes over the course of a season, but you must make a reservation for each class in advance. Class cards offer more flexibility, but if a class is full, your bean may not be able to participate.

Why do you recommend that I buy a class series?

Answer: We recommend series purchases because, as with any children's activity, consistency is key. By coming to the same class each week, children develop, learn, grow, explore and understand the important of commitment to themselves and their health. They are familiar with the other beans in their class, their Yogi Beans Instructor and their schedule is consistent. This leads to a more conducive learning environment.

Does Yogi Beans teach private classes?

Answer: Yes! Yogi Beans offers private kids yoga classes, private New Mommy classes, private group classes, private family yoga classes and even private adult yoga classes. Classes can take place at the Yogi Beans Studio or in the convenience of your home or building. Classes can be purchased one-off or as a 10 or 20 class pack.