Kids Yoga Basics

Why Yogi Beans?

Yogi Beans Team

Founded in 2007, Yogi Beans is a children's yoga company committed to introducing kids to a healthy lifelong activity that is noncompetitive, non-judgmental, physically challenging and a ton of fun! We are all about the vibration of yoga — both in the program and in the environment created in its range of programming that can effectuate healthy and positive changes in children in the most fun, educational and engaging ways.

From there, the Yogi Beans' mission organically grew: to make a mind-body-heart practice that was once accessible only to adults, accessible to children of all ages and all backgrounds. At Yogi Beans, the individual yogi is awakened – imaginative as ever – awaiting endless possibilities.

Our core program structure as seen at right develop children's abilities to focus (attention), stand up straight (posture), move their limbs with control (coordination) and grace (flexibility), and find inner strength (self-confidence). Our curricula are all designed to introduce children to the foundations of yoga and translate yoga concepts into a language that can be understood and appreciated.


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